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December 30th, 2003

10:28 am: Good Times and Sex Talk
So kristen and i had lotsa fun last night. Yippeeee. BRANDON IS COMING! Boarding the plane as this is written. Kristen is in the shower. She puked this morning. Shots of soco did not go over well. We ended up staying up till two talkin bout sex and other good girl stuff that i've been missing out on lately. It's neat when you dont see someone for almost a year, and can still have a great time where you left off. Anyways. Gotta go. Did i mention Brandon is coming today?!:)

December 28th, 2003

08:56 pm: Extra Extra!
Christmas sucked.
I high hopes, they were shattered.
Oh well.

I got a down comforter. I bought a duvet set from overtock.com.
It is warm, soft and fluffy.

Stacy and i went to the humane society today to drop off excess celery from he bar, and paper towel tubes for the rabbits and other rodents. We looked at the wonderful little creatures. Made my heart swell.

Kristen is coming to visit. She will be here 'round 9pm Monday.
We will go for $.25 chicken wings. Then to rascals for 2-4-1 time.

Brandon is coming on Tuesday. Two hours after Kristen leaves.
His plane will land while i am in the dentist chair. The last of my accident fixed for good.

Mark has the TV on too loud. As always. He is deaf. He watches nothing but dumbass cop shows and sci-fi. REALLY LOUD!

I almost finished my long book this week. That is something i have not been able to in the last few years. Sit down and read recreationally for hours on end. It is only a satisfactory book too.

Talked to my mom tonight. She sent me a package of bills and a note from her. The note was spacey and written badly. I was worried so i called her. I love my mother. We must be related, the way we relate :)

My warm, fluffy bed and ok book calls.

g'night all.

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December 24th, 2003

01:54 pm: Survey
survey sums it upCollapse )

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December 22nd, 2003

04:37 pm: OH YIPPEEE!
Fooled ya, nothing new here.

I am working all the eves. Christmas, and New Years. Although, New Years Eve, i only work 8-12, so we can go out and enjoy the night. Christmas eve should be able to pay off some bills, so i will not have to worry about them while Brandon is visiting.

Wednesday night i turned in my two weeks at jetsetters. They asked me to reconsider, but i dont think the're worth it. Saturday ended up being my last day, as i am not working the holidays anyways, and all we ended up doing was bitchin about how big of a shit hole the place was. Thats what i am about to do again, if i dont stop here. So thats it.

Finished all of my Christmas shopping on monday morning, and picked up some supplies of fun holiday parties this morning.

I am working tonight for the packer game. 8-12 again. Thats bout it i guess.

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December 16th, 2003

06:52 pm: I need a new hobby
You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
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how to act. You give off that "I need to
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December 15th, 2003

05:09 pm: ieeeeeeee!
I got a package of love in the mail today. Brandon sent me a cute little snowflake bear, a lovely burned compilation of fun music, and a creamsaver. OH, and a pair of underwear that got mixed up in his laundry. he he. My favorite ones too. Joy to the world, amanda has her favorite undies back.

I called my tooth doc today, and told him of the discomfort i was feeling after my minor surgery. He called me in a antibiotic for a possible infection, and ibuprofen/vicodon mixture. Vicondon makes me want sleep in a bad way, but won’t provide it. I took one after class this afternoon. Could not sleep for the life of me, and had the weird feverish delusional feeling. HRrrrrmm.

So now i go to mikes to decorate his huge Christmas tree. He is the manager of PJ's and has a group of friends and patrons over every year to help and spread cheer. I went last year, and it was a good time. Plenty of Miller, and shots of irish whiskey in the kitchen. I hope some fun people show up this year.

And yeah! I had my last classes to day. Yipppeeeeeeee. I’m done until the 20th of January.

Is being a wisconsinite really something to be that proud of? These people think so. I think its kinda funny and wonderful in that.
Be warned. This is annoying.

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December 12th, 2003

04:00 pm:
What do people really think about you? by Raven319
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Critical parents thinkYou're gay
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December 11th, 2003

11:33 am: proof of idiocy/i am getting old
yesterday i was trying to change my bra without removing my shirt and sweater. i ended up pulling something in my shoulder area. it still hurts.

08:54 am: Blah blah blah. BRANDONS COMING FOR NEW YEARS!
I had an interesting night last night.

I got done with jetsetters round 9:30ish, and called Brandon on the way home to change quickly. We had a wonderful conversation. HE’S COMING TO MILWAUKEE FOR NEW YEARS!! Bought the tickets yesterday! Oh life is good. WE GET A NEW YEARS KISS! Life is most wonderful.

Ok, Eddie had told me to come up to Beerbellies for their customer apprietiation/christmas/welcome home to the owners party. He lured me there with the prospect of free food, but I went because he's been telling me to come up there for months.

Eddie is a strange man. I first met him when i started at PJs a little over a year ago. He is a self-proclaimed alcoholic, short little Mexican who used to be a statewide boxer in his day. It's his honesty makes him extremely entertaining and endearing. He tells you how it is, and only has a few years to live, which makes him all the more of a cherished little man. He's had four heart attacks in the last ten years; beginning when he was 35. Countless bypasses, and he can still drink ANYONE under the table. This usually makes for a bad person you would think, but he takes his last years and drinking seriously. HE HAS FUN. Everyone knows Eddie. Everyone loves or hates Eddie. Right now he is unemployed, and a full time alcoholic until his time runs out and he needs to find another job. He is taking his time. He rides his bike all over town, all winter long, and wears shorts till its 40 degrees. Drinks miller lite, and Jim Beam until he the sun comes up. Sometimes complains about being "over served", but always with a drunk/sober smile on his face. The only way you can tell he has is drunk is when ye starts smiling more than usual. He brings warm, silly thoughts. That’s enough about Eddie.

Well he used to bartend with Beerbellies owner, Ralph. Te told Ralph about me, and Ralph to him to tell me to come down and apply if I was not happy at Jetsetters. I never did. Well, Ralph told me to come by after the holidays, and he could most likely hook me up with a job waitressing, eventually maybe bartending if is wished. Waitresses walk out with round a hundred bucks a night average, not to mention a good base rate. Sounds good to me. They bust ass, but that’s not a problem. Maybe. Oh, they also get very nice bonuses for working holidays and special events. Even insurance for working 32 hours a week. HRmmmmm.

Maybe. If i don’t find a legitimate job by January i will see about working there. This all just felt good. Just when i was despairing about hating Jetsetters and wanting a new job, this falls on my lap. *sigh* feel a bit better.

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December 10th, 2003

03:10 pm: Swoon, swoon, swoon.
Sorry, toots, you're too tied up in your corset
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