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Manda Lou

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06:29 pm: GRRRrrrRRrRrRRRRR
i made sushi for dinner and it was ok, but very lonely sushi. i succeeded in doing almost nothing today except for laundry. god do i ever need to move out of this hell hole. if i seem one more alien burst from a living mans chest, i will smash the television or mark. sci-fi channel all the fucking time. i'd rather watch uni-vision or for that matter...football. at least i did not have to share my sushi, as he did lay down for a nap long enough for me to eat in peace. ok thats it for the ungodly uncle.

my classes do not start for another week, so i really should look for a job again tomorrow, although getting christmas thank you cards and filling them out would be a much easier time. ok. i set low goals.

something might be coming in the mail friday??? but what could it be???

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