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Manda Lou

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09:15 pm: Brandon left.
I took him to the airport this morning. We sat on the floor in a little corner and talked and held each other. Even snuck a few kisses. The visit had its usual ups and downs. But i only remember the highs, laughs and loves. Oh, and a little bit of screaming, followed by apologies. He burnt me three cd's filled with music. I'm listening to Jimmy Buffet.

We made sushi five times. The veggie was the best, with lox and cream cheese a close second. We toured the winery in Cedarburg, and i crawled in the huge oak barrel. We partied New Years Eve, and props to B for staying sober enough to drive us home safe. We watched movies and took afternoon naps. Went ice-skating downtown. The poor southern boy was soooo cold. We took a drive in the snow, and went to the lakeshore to take pictures the morning after. We broke the bed. SHHHHHHHHHHHH

From the airport i went to Laurels for Belated Christmas. She was tired from her physical therapy that morning, and a little in pain. She had a bunch of metal in her leg from the surgery after the accident that is now trying to pop out of her itty bitty leg. Now it has to be removed, and the therapy started all over. She is optimistic and laughs about it. She almost started crying at the gift i got for her. I was amazed. So glad she liked it. It was just silky pj's and a pretty pillow. She said she never gets gifts like that. Feels good to make her smile. Laurel gave me a candle and the hand-made soap that i love from her shop, a women’s journal with quotes from women of the last few hundred years, and a beautiful purse woven of crazy silky funky yarn. It is the most gorgeous.

My duvet arrived today. This is the most complete bed ensemble i have ever had on my bed. Crazy warm and soft. Loving it. Took a three hour nap after i got back from Laurels. Crazy bad disturbing dreams with B being gone.

Come back B!

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Date:January 8th, 2004 04:18 pm (UTC)

OMG no way. I thought it was just a delusional dream I had when I wasn't really sick *wink*.

but seriously... How'd you do it? that sucker was REALLY broke. like broke. like broker than broke. like broker than my wallet. Smashed to bits. to pieces. it was damn broke.

ok. i'm done.

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